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The Importance of Responsive Website Design

The world is in a constant state of change and we must change with it. This is especially true when these changes can affect your business. For example, a responsive website design is a critical change in web technology that can affect your business positively if implemented properly. This website design has an inbuilt responsive framework that allows your web visitors to view your website from multiple devices and still see the same thing. In simple terms, the structure of your website will respond to the device used to access the website. A responsive website design is important for you and your business for the following reasons.

It Makes Users Feel More at Ease

Can you really trust a bank whose local branches look remarkably different? Well, the same kind of mistrust exists with your customers who view your website on their tablets in one way but see an entirely different website on their desktop computers. Remember, consistency is a key factor when it comes to building your company’s reputation. A responsive website can help you to build this reputation by ensuring that the structure of your website including its content and images remain consistent. This will make potential customers feel more at ease while making transactions on your website through multiple devices.

It Saves Time and Money

Many businesses develop multiple versions of their websites to suit different devices. You may also be doing the same thing. Well, you no longer have to keep doing it. A responsive website design allows you to operate a single content management system using one version of the source code. This means that you will not waste your time updating your website from multiple management systems using different source codes. This website design will also save you the cost of developing and managing multiple versions of your website.

It Improves Your SEO Results and Ranking

Google processes more than one billion searches per day. Yahoo and Bing also process a huge number of searches each day. Your website may not rank highly on any of these search engines because you use different URLs to cater to different devices. Instead, you should use a responsive website design because it allows you to maintain the same URL address regardless of the device used to access your website. This means that Google, Yahoo and Bing will easily pick up your URL. A consistent URL will also improve the reputation of your website on these search engines and therefore, the ranking of your website among search results will improve as well.

It Improves Your Online Sales

Consumer statistics for 2014 indicate that eighty percent of consumers will purchase goods and services through their mobile devices. Sadly, businesses that do not run responsive websites will miss many business opportunities because their websites can run efficient transactions through desktop computers but not through mobile devices. You, on the other hand, should not suffer from a similar fate. Start using a responsive website design as soon as possible so that you can cash in on all the business opportunities 2014 has to offer you.

Now you know the importance of a responsive website design. Use it to offset your competition. Remember, only a small percentage of websites actually have a responsive website but this number is increasing at an exponential rate because of its benefits. Stay ahead of the competition by getting it today. You will not regret it.