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The Truth About College SEO Marketing

College SEO Marketing

So Your University has probably received hundreds of proposal for SEO from “Education Marketing Companies” or at least that is how they market themselves. But how many of them actually know what they are talking about? The sad truth is only 5% of them even have a clue what SEO is and they sell you Google AdWords and call it search engine marketing. These companies are all about one thing and one thing only, getting you to sign a contract with them as fast as possible. The worst ones are the ones who guarantee conversion rates higher than industry standards. If you know anything about SEO, you know when you’re on the top of the search engines your going to get a lot of traffic. But you can’t make the visitors do or say anything, all you can do is try to deliver as many leads as possible. Any company telling you that your conversions are going to be between 18 to 20% lead to enrollment is selling you up the river that is dry.

A real search engine optimization expert would be able to prove their skills. If they can’t save you some money and get you organic traffic, do yourself a favor and run away fast. College SEO marketing is a unique challenge, with news articles on high ranked sites coming daily it takes time and dedication to get your company ranked. If you get with the right internet marketing company for your school, you will have several if not several hundred of prospective students inquiring about your college or university every month.

We have been providing SEO marketing for colleges and trade schools for several years. The truth is the only thing you can guarantee with search engine marketing is it will change every month. You need the best of the best handling your SEO marketing. Rome was not built in a day, your website marketing won’t be built in a day either. Give it time and patience and constant attention.

How Do You Find a Good SEO Company For Your College or University?

You want to get ranked on the search engines, right? Follow These 3 Rules

Rule 1. Never hire a company you can’t find on the search engines. If they cannot rank their own website on the search engines, you would be a fool to hire them to try and get you ranked on the search engines, right?

Rule 2. Never hire a company you can only find by typing in their name into Google. Make them give you their keywords they rank for and see if their ranking validates who they are.

Rule 3. Once you hire someone good, sit tight and let them work. There is nothing worse than being an uptight customer always demanding something new. SEO takes time and dedication, you have to let the company build up some steam.