5 Steps to a successful website launch
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Five steps to a successful website launch

Five Steps To a Website Launch.

Following these five steps to a website launch will help your business thrive online. So what’s the right formula? It all starts with a budget. If you don’t have one, you better make one. You wouldn’t go buy a car and not plan to put any gas in it, or would you?  I hope not.

Website Blueprint

What’s it gonna look like, is it even going to match my brand? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when you’re building up the blueprint for your website. Am I selling a product or service, that I even think about that when I was planning this website? A design consists of your logo, your menu, your background and your footer. People often overlook the most critical aspects of a good site is the basics and having them truly fine-tuned. If you don’t have the time to plan out a website, the truth is you shouldn’t own a business. The world is no longer analog people. Welcome to the Digital Age!

Website Content

Let’s face it content is king, but you’re not writing any. You just want to throw the website out there, put some products on it, and hope it does the job. But how exactly is that spider the Google sends out going to read your site and what the hell it’s about? You need to put a good plan in action, one that consists of great copy and content designed to get people excited about your product or service. If you can’t write about your service, your product must not be that good. People open a business because they have a great idea, but if you can’t put your thoughts on paper you probably shouldn’t open your doors.

Media For Your Site

Remember when you were a little kid, and your mom told you to eat your vegetables. This is one of those moments. If you have no media for your website, and you don’t have a photo shoot scheduled, and don’t have any images you plan on purchasing on the Internet. You are going to fail. With so many things flying across your cell phone today from ads to videos and more, you got I have a site that is visually appealing to the customer. Just having a bunch of text a buy me now button isn’t gonna work.

Plan of Action

So we got a business, we know it’s going to work, it just sounds too good to pass up on. So we’ll get together, buy a domain name, buy a business license and then we get stuck. What’s next what we missing these are the things that everyone struggles with. With any concept and approach to the Internet must come with a strategy. Your plan of action will be the difference between succeeding and going nowhere. It’s like Mastercard says in all their commercials, what’s in your wallet? Except for this time your wall is your plan of action. Who are we targeting what are we trying to accomplish what we will change if it doesn’t work? This is all part of the plan of action.

Website Goals

You have to have website goals. Sometimes the first plan you put together for your website doesn’t go the way you want it too. Doesn’t mean you need to give up, just stick to your website goals. If somethings not working set a date give it a chance to convert by a specific date and if it doesn’t work change it. Change is constant, and constant change is good for websites. So don’t give it the one and done approach set goals, be realistic, Invest your time and your energy and the future of your company. If you can’t do that you’re going to fail.

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