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Why Should You Have A Professional Writer Write My Website Content? For you to access creative content writing services you need to take your time and select a professional in the field carefully. There are many cases where you will need the services of a content writing, for example in designing your website the content that you will have on the website will play a great role in making search engines rank your website on the first pages where anybody who may be searching for content similar to the one that you will have on your website will be able to land on your

College SEO Marketing So Your University has probably received hundreds of proposal for SEO from “Education Marketing Companies” or at least that is how they market themselves. But how many of them actually know what they are talking about? The sad truth is only 5% of them even have a clue what SEO is and they sell you Google AdWords and call it search engine marketing. These companies are all about one thing and one thing only, getting you to sign a contract with them as fast as possible. The worst ones are the ones who guarantee conversion rates higher than industry standards. If

A business owner will always try to find ways to save a dollar, where this will hurt your company is when they hire the wrong marketing company.  Congrats you just hurt your business? Was it worth it? Did you make more money? How much business did you lose? Will you be able to recover ? Can you fix what you ruined? These are often the questions people ask me when they call me for my help. Well the good new you can fix it, the bad news is you can’t go back and get in front of the clients that were looking for you, someone else earned their business. Make

The Biggest Marketing Mistake in History of The Greatest Technology Company A companies ultimate goal is to grow and make money. Management teams and Board of Directors are formed to help keep the visions of the company moving in the right directions. But what happens when a company loses sight of success? What happens when they try to push the envelope too far away from their own success? In 1985, the most publicized marketing mistake ever was the firing of Steve Jobs from Apple. The board of directors forgot how the company got where they were, and they optioned to give control of the

The world is in a constant state of change and we must change with it. This is especially true when these changes can affect your business. For example, a responsive website design is a critical change in web technology that can affect your business positively if implemented properly. This website design has an inbuilt responsive framework that allows your web visitors to view your website from multiple devices and still see the same thing. In simple terms, the structure of your website will respond to the device used to access the website. A responsive website design is important for you and your business for the

When people started to optimize their websites for the search engines in the 1990s, keyword stuffing, meta-tag descriptions and manual submission were enough to get ranked on the first pages. Over time, link building using anchor text, purchasing some links and the use of interlinks between sites become common as website owners sought to increase traffic to their sites. As increasingly more people learnt about these aspects of search engine optimization, the search engines got overcrowded at the top. Today, the offline news channels have entered the fray, so, newspaper, radio and television are jostling for the first pages as well. This shows that

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