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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is creating an incredible opportunity for businesses just like yours to connect with customers and potential customers. Your customer base is already utilizing social media and interacting with social media brands online daily, if you’re not communicating with to your customers and prospects through social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and several others, then your competition is stealing business from you! A good marketing strategy on social media can flourish with success for your business, creating national and global branding opportunities and driving leads and sales to your company.

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Social Media Marketing For Your Business

Social media marketing is internet marketing that relies on social networks. Consumers and businesses use social media daily to create brand awareness and share content such as text, videos, images, news, and product updates to engage with their audience. Businesses use social media marketing to target new customers to hit their branding and marketing goals. Facebook business and Instagram have become great places to utilize paid social media advertisements. Placing the right targeted ads for your business can be very valuable. If you are selling to the public, your ads might perform better on Facebook and Instagram. If your company sells to other businesses, the best platform for your business would be Twitter and Linkedin.

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Why You Need Social Media Management


Social media marketing drives a lot of website traffic by keeping your name and your products in front of your customers and prospects by running targeted ad campaigns. When someone is browsing their social media, your paid ads are displayed in their news feeds if they meet the criteria of your targeted audience. When they see your advertisement, they are more likely to visit your website and take a look and your products or services. For example: Let’s say you sell shoes and you want to boost your sales. You run an ad online targeting individuals who are interested in shoe brands you carry. When your ad is approved, it will display in their timeline when they are browsing social media. Make sure to have a sale or promotion that makes them feel like they are getting a deal; customers love to take advantage of a good sale. This ad will generate a ton of website traffic and leads interested in what you have to offer, making them more likely to make a purchase.


It is so important to stay in touch with your customers, so they come back to you when they need more products or services that you offer. If your not a brand that they see regularly, they might forget to come back to you when they need more product. If you are not posting on social media, you are losing business daily to your competition, because they are. Companies that don’t use social media marketing lose money everyday. Social media is constant contact, and continuous contact keeps customers coming back for more.

why you need social media marketing

The Process Involved in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Audit

This includes knowing how your profile compares to your competitor’s profile, which social media networks your business is currently on as well as which social media networks are bringing the most traffic.

Identify Your Target Audience

The main aim of marketing to drive targets traffic to your business. That can only happen if you clearly understand your target customers.

Develop Social Media Identity

The quality of content that you post on your social media page will determine if you will attract customers or not. You need to be consistent in creating quality content that your target audience can relate with.

Create Benchmarks

It is very important to track your social media marketing campaign. This way you will know if your strategies are working or not. Important metrics to consider include reach, conversion rate, total shares, brand mentions and time spent on the website.

Create Engaging Content

The goal of any social media campaign is to drive conversions and gain new customers while retaining your existing customers.  Creative Digital Group specializes in developing engaging content. Content will always be king so having a message that stand out is critical.

Track and Analyze

Tracking your results and analyzing your data then making a few adjustments to optimize will enable you to get the best from your social media campaign.

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Understand Social Media

How Social Media Marketing Works


The first step is to create a social media marketing plan; it’s vital to success. Think about keywords and hashtags related to what you offer. Research your competition to get creative content ideas to use on social media that will get the attention of your targeted audience. We need to figure out how what other businesses are doing to engage customers on social media.


Creating unique and relevant content is critical to your social media success. The content needs to contain valuable information while grabbing the attention and interest of your audience. A good content strategy will involve images, videos, graphics, and success stories.


Social media marketing opens the door to spread your brand across several platforms. Posting on these platforms gets a little tricky. You need to understand how to post on each site to reach people. How to launch promotions monthly or biweekly is very important as well. Customize and promotional strategy and revisit and modify it each month for optimal results.

The Advantage

Why You Should Hire Us

Whatever the niche of your business, the fact still remains that a substantial portion of your target customers are using social media platforms. Research conducted by the Pew Research Center revealed that 68% of the American population are on Facebook while 45% are on Twitter. The study also found out that78% of people aged between 18-24 use Instagram. Having access to all these clients will boost your ROI. Social media marketing does not just target any customer, it actually helps you find customers who are looking for services or product that you are offering.

It helps to boost your sites SEO

Google search engine crawlers know websites pages that are pulling high traffic and those that don’t. Although the quality of content that you post on your website is the most critical factor, the traffic that you drive to your site also matters. If search engine crawlers realize that your webpages are getting high traffic, their ranking on local search will also improve.

It helps you understand your target audience

You can only give your target audience what they are looking for if you understand them. Social media is a perfect platform for businesses to use to understand consumer behavior. It will help you know the types of product or services that your target clients are looking for and what they expect from your business. Understanding your target audience better will enable you to give them exactly what they are looking for. This will help improve sales conversion.

Social media can help you streamline customer service

Quick and effective customer service is not an option anymore. If your clients have issues that they want to be addressed, they expect you to pay attention right away. The first place where most customers usually turn to when looking for help is social media. If you establish a reliable customer service via social media, then your target customer will conclude that your business is efficient, reliable and effective. Happy customers will say positive things about your business.

Social media marketing also helps to build brand loyalty as well as increase brand awareness.

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