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Social Media Marketing is taking the internet by storm. If your business is not on social media sites engaging new clients, then chances are you are losing out on crucial business opportunities and new customers. Social Media Marketing allows companies of all sizes to share new products or services with the world and target audiences based on locations and things they like or buy. Your products, pictures, vidoes, and reviews will take your company viral and let new customers looking for products and services find you and become new customers of yours.

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What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media originally designed to connect college friends with other students and old friends has quickly evolved. Social Media has become the new platform for expression. People now share products they love or services they enjoyed with their friends. This opened the doors for business to advertise to prospective customers via targeted ads. These Ads would target people interested in certain types of products or services and quickly direct them to your website with hopes of landing a new customer. This quickly became coined the rise of viral marketing.

How Social Works

Social Media is not just a place for friends it has also given Google a run for the money in searches done on a daily basis. When search engines saw these staggering numbers, they had to modify their algorithms as patterns showed people wanted more when they searched online. So what caused all the commotion? Social Media proved that people wanted more quality content, stuff based off reviews and real input from customers not just what Google felt like sharing. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would allow people to post a picture of a product or service tag a company and give them a kudos or warn customers about the company. Happy customers give thanks and recommend companies to their friends, and upset customers can state frustrations and get support right online.

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How Social Media can help your business

Social Media is good for business no matter how big or small your operation is. It opens the doors for people to ask questions on their timelines and friends give answers with companies they have used and would recommend their friends to try out. Companies can answer presale questions and corner their market. Customer service has proven to be the most valuable asset in product sales. Small stores can still compete for clients by providing the best service and pricing. Before Social Media small stores wouldn’t be able to compete with large companies, Social Media has changed that.

How to go Viral on Social Media

Social Media took off like wildfire with videos, pictures, quotes, and testimonials. So what does it mean to go viral? When a customer raves about your product and shares it on their timeline and all their friends like it and share it on their timeline, this is a small taste of going viral. Let’s say you had an electric scooter for sale and a customer posted a video of them riding their scooter they bought from you. Once they posted it thousands of people watched it and shared it saying they wanted one for themselves, this is called going viral. Brand awareness via free press from happy customers bragging about your products or services.

Social Media Creates High Quality Leads

Social Media leads are hot leads they have already see reviews followed your company and inquired about services based on what they have learned about your business. These leads should be contacted immediately, unlike traditional leads. These people usually only contact on social when they need something right away. Like SEO and Local SEO Leads Social Media Leads are high in conversion rates as they have already done research and looked up your competition before contacting you.

Fast Social Responses lead to more customers

On Social Media sites, it’s essential to have fast response rates to customers. When someone writes you an email on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter the clock starts ticking. These social media companies want to refer people to companies who respond in timely manners and have high satisfaction rates when it comes to answering. For this reason, alone most companies hire agencies to manage their social media so they can run their business and agencies can help them go viral.

Why you need to hire us

So now you know how social media marketing works, from a basic standpoint. There are many more advanced metrics, and tricks to this service and Creative Digital Group has been providing social media marketing since the very first social media site launched. Want to have the best forward, you should hire us as we are the best social media marketing company online.

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