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Your website design is your first impressing to your clients online. Does your website sell your services and deliver your true value? If it doesn’t, you might be losing customers online. Your business has to give people the impression that your product is worth the purchase and the company is the company they want to do business with on a regular basis.

When is the last time you updated your website? Your products and services are updated on a regular basis are they not? Your site should be refreshed and updated on a regular basis as well. If you are not always working to stay current and fresh online your business will continue to lose customers to companies that do.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?


Response Website Design

Responsive website design is a site that is mobile friendly and optimized for all visitors no matter what device they are on. More people search the internet on mobile devices and different devices today than traditional desktop computers. Responsive design allows you to reach and target all users without worrying about how your site will look on their screen and if you are delivering the same message to all users. Optimizing your site today will allow you to connect with more users now as well as adapt with future changes in technology.

Maintain a competitive advantage by increasing accessibility to your website through responsive design. In a world of growing versatility, your site needs to be visible to users on all devices and platforms. Enhanced user experience is a crucial component to establishing your website as a market leader, and optimizing your design today will allow you to increase your advantage over the rest.

Sites that work on mobile devices

Connect with more of your target audience by making your full site accessible from any device or platform. Without responsive design, you alienate users not searching the internet from traditional desktop platforms. Attract users, increase visibility, and facilitate business by making your website functional anywhere in the world on any device through the sophisticated, responsive design provided by Creative Digital Group.

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Mobile design helps your business

You should always think like your customers. How does your website look to them? What is the shopping experience? These are just a few of the things every business should consider. Do your featured products show or are they hard to find? Our job as website owners is to deliver a clear message and lead our clients to buy our products and or services. Your customers are going to be on tablets, cell phones, Android, Apple, Samsung, your site has to be built to deliver to them all.

Why you should hire us for web design

We are one of the most advanced website design companies in America. Our staff has well over 20 years of website design experience and build amazing responsive websites that make the mobile experience for your clients awesome. Your site project big or small will work with Creative Digital Group. We are the fastest website turn around time in the industry. Let us help you update or build your website from scratch.

How Fast is Your Website

You website speeds and load times are relevant to search engines so they should be relevant to you too. A customer is not going to wait forever for your site to load. Your website has a few seconds to grab a clients attention, and if it’s still loading, they are leaving. Sites need to be compressed and minified to deliver the fastest response time so traffic can convert into customers. Your website load times are not a ranking factor for search engines too. They don’t want to refer business to you if your site is going to load slow and customers are going to leave. Search engines have to keep customers happy too os they don’t switch to other search engines.

Your website needs to be built to convert

What good is traffic if it doesn’t convert into customers? Traffic is a waste of time if there are no sales of products or services. We only build websites with conversions in mind, that’s the only way to measure results truly. Where you place your forms and contact information and layout of your site all matters.

Your branding needs to match your business

Your website has to match your business. When a customer feels like they get to know the real business online, they feel more comfortable with making purchases. Our website design team will work with your team to match your branding on the web with the company you run on the ground. We want everyone to flow so your new leads start to flow as well.

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