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Your website is like a car. It’s either going to drive business to you or drive business away from you. How your website is designed is how the world will get its first impression of your business. Does your website look like a million bucks? If it does, your business looks like a million bucks. But if your website looks like crap, that’s the first impression the world has about your company. Your investment in the design of your website will either bring your money or cost you money. When you hire us at Creative Digital Group to design your website, your website will make you money!

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Creative Digital Group has been building for over 21 years and counting. We create modern, cutting-edge web designs that convert for customers. All of our designs and mobile-friendly because your customer base is mobile-friendly. If you’re not optimizing for mobile customers, then you are missing the boat in today’s world of websites. Today, every industry reports at least 70% of all of their customers are coming to their website on mobile devices. These devices including iPads, tablets, cell phones, and smartwatches like the Apple Watch or Samsung Watch people wear today.

A great website is a website that is always updated. At Creative Digital Group, we lead innovation when it comes to website design. We strive to keep our client’s sites updated for optimal performance regularly. Our client’s websites are designed to look like incredible works of art.

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Website design is when you take your company online and deliver the same message as you do in your store. Websites have to be designed to meet the customer where they are, on whatever device they have. It’s essential to have a good website design so your website will reach both desktop and mobile customers searching the internet for products like yours. We always optimize for all visitors no matter what device they are on. More people search the web on mobile devices and tablets today than laptops and desktops. Website design allows you to build a site that can target everyone searching online, on every device. Build and optimize your site today with us, and we can help you connect with more customers as well as to adapt to future changes in technology.

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Why You Need Website Design For Your Business.

Having a good website is crucial to any business, no matter the industry. If you’re not on the web or have a poorly designed website, you won’t be in business much longer. Today everyone looks to the internet to validate a companies business if your business looks poor, that is what they think of your product and services. You only get one chance to leave the first impression; it had better be a good one.

Mobile Friendly Design is Critical
Maintain a competitive advantage by increasing accessibility to your website through responsive design. In a world of growing versatility, your site needs to be visible to users on all devices and platforms. Enhanced user experience is a crucial component to establishing your website as a market leader, and optimizing your design today will allow you to increase your advantage over the rest. Hire us at Creative Digital Group and let us build you the website of your dreams.

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The Process Involved in a Website Builtout


Website design is the first impression your company has on the web. If you go cheap that is how the web views your company and your products. Invest in a good looking website for your business.


Once we understand the planning of the website, we must then find a hosting company that can support all of these features for our website and can deliver a fast website presence. Our favorite hosting company who provides robust services is Liquid Web.


Once we have the plan that we want to execute and a host setup to build the website out, then we start the initial design phase. This is where we work on the cosmetics of the website. We must identify the color scheme, menu layout, body layout, footer layout, and content delivery layout.


Once we have completed the initial design, now it’s time to deliver content. This consist of images for each page, product, and service. Then writing unique content for every page, we have planned out for the website. The website will always produce new, but the initial content is what is going to get the attention of the search engines.

Lauch Site

Now we have built out the site, designed the site, populated then content and prepared it for customers and the search engines. This is where we need to have a team go through the website and test all the functions and make sure everything is working. In this process, we want to make any notes we want to make on last-minute changes we want to be corrected. Once we have completed all of this it’s time to go live, this is where we launch the website and announce to our customers that we have a new site.

Creative Digital Group is the best, they always are looking for ways for us to grow our law firm. They handle all of our design and marketing.
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How Website Design Works

Create a plan of action
A website design plan of action needs to be built for the audience, mobile-friendly and optimized for all visitors no matter what device they are on. More people search the internet on mobile devices and different devices today than traditional desktop computers. Our designs allow you to reach targeted users without worrying about what devices they are on, and if you are delivering the same message to all of them. Optimizing your site today will allow you to connect with more users now as well as to adapt to future changes in technology.

Build for conversions of customers
What good is traffic if it doesn’t convert into customers? Traffic is a waste of time if there are no sales of products or services. We only build websites with conversions in mind, that’s the only way to measure results truly. Where you place your forms and contact information and layout of your site all matters.

Your site needs to load fast
You website speeds and load times are relevant to search engines so they should be relevant to you too. A customer is not going to wait forever for your site to load. Your website has a few seconds to grab a clients attention, and if it’s still loading, they are leaving. Sites need to be compressed and minified to deliver the fastest response time so traffic can convert into customers. Your website load times are not a ranking factor for search engines too. They don’t want to refer business to you if your site is going to load slow and customers are going to leave. Search engines have to keep customers happy too os they don’t switch to other search engines.

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Why You Should Hire Us

We Deliver Results
Your website has to match your business. When a customer feels like they get to know the real business online, they feel more comfortable with making purchases. Our website design team will work with your team to match your branding on the web with the company you run on the ground. We want everything to flow together, so your new leads start to flow as well.

We Connect You With Your Customers
We connect you with your target audience by making your website fully accessible from all devices and social media-ready. Our website design service will help you attract users, increase visibility, and create more business by making your website interactive and modern. Hire us today and start looking better tomorrow.

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