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The content of your website is the most critical part of your website but often overlooked. Think of it like this. The content on your site is a manual it tells your customers where to find stuff, how to use it and what its purpose is. No matter how many times industry leaders say it, business owners don’t get it and always attempt to find ways to get around without it. Content is king it rules the internet. The search engines are databases of information, and they get their information from indexing websites and storing the content in their database. They take the data and give it a quality score; then they pull keywords and phrases that seem most relevant to the information. Google along with Bing claim search results are so accurate now that they are using AI technologies to power search results.

We know how to get your content noticed by the search engines, which is an absolute must for grabbing high rankings.


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Understanding Content Writing

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Content writing is researching the industry, analyzing the best way to lay out content and feed the search engines enough to make them happy. Then a mapped our content strategy of targeted words and phrases are used to help our creative writers best describe your business and or services. Search engines require a minimum of 300 words on a page, but if you are going to do the bare minimum, you should take your website down. The minimum is just a requirement to get them to crawl the page. The Recommended is 500 to 750 words.

Better Content Delivers

People always ask me why does Wikipedia ranks so high in the search engines. I have a simple answer look at how much content that site has and how much information on every subject they offer. The proof is in the pudding and content, and lots of it will always outrank sites with less.

So if you have a product or service you want to show up when people search for it, you need to get serious about content and a lot of it. Write about it and be thorough and cover all aspects benefits and concerns. You will never compete in the online space if you are not willing to write enough to get noticed and enough to be considered a valuable resource for people.

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How content can help your business

There are two types of content. The first is called informative content, content written to help end users become self-aware. The second type of content is called sales content; content specifically is written to drive customers to the store to make purchases online. Wikipedia is written to help you become self-aware, Amazon is written to sell your products and or services. Both of them are important, it all comes down to what type of business you are running.

Why Creative Digital Group

So if you have read everything on this page by now, you know that it takes work to your website every single day and backlink campaigns from all over the web back to your site to run a good SEO campaign. If you are spending your time every day doing this yourself, then your business is failing because you are taking away from running your business trying to manage your SEO. It takes constant changes multiple links and updates every single day to climb your way to the top of the search engines. 95% of companies out there offering SEO do not provide search engine optimization services. Only 5% of companies in website marketing Truly understand search engine optimization. The other companies are all outdated and or have stopped following search engine algorithm updates. They instead will sell you Google AdWords and tell you they also are providing you SEO services, but they never will.

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We know how to get your content noticed by the search engines, which is an absolute must for grabbing high rankings. We are the only 5 star internet marketing company in the country, and we built our reputation by delivering stellar SEO results to all of our clients.

Professional Content Writers

Many businesses already use professional writers to create articles, reviews and other content specifically optimized for Google, Bing Yahoo, and other search engines. Optimized content will increase search engine rankings, bring more users to your website and yield more conversions for your business. With so much competition in every corner and niche market online, you need professional assistance to really soar to the top. Thats why you should hire us at Creative Digital Group.

We have the experience

We know how to do it because we have already done it. Our team of experts has real world experience as well as proper training to craft the best content for your target audience. Hire us to develop your brand online and maximize your exposure to all potential clients.

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The Content Writing Process

the content writing process

Whenever you are writing copy for a website or any other advertisement, you need to do your research. Has someone else already wrote it? How can we deliver something genuine and unique.

Initial draft

Once we have completed our research we begin writing 500 to 750 words per page.

Plagiarism Check

Content must be unique to deliver results. We run all copy through a plagiarism check called copyscape. This gives us a score on original content.


Once we have completed the plagiarism check. We then publish the content.

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