What is Local SEO

Local SEO is all about geotargeting clients in a local area close to your business. With local SEO companies try to market to local marketplaces with deals specials and services. A business will utilize their positive reviews to draw on more clients more business more opportunities for their company. With local SCO a person who receives a product or service is then allowed to go online, Leave a review letting people know what their experience was like working with that company.

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How does Local SEO work

Buyers are getting smarter and more and more people nowadays don’t buy products or services unless they have read good reviews about the company they are preparing to purchase items from. So the way local SEO works is companies get clients based off of their reviews, ratings from the reviews and their overall number of reviews and how long they’ve been in business. A company who only focuses on the sale and not on the support will Miss out on opportunities by not asking their customers to leave reviews. If a company doesn’t have reviews, it’s usually a turn off for buyers. Why would a good company has been around for a while have no reviews from happy customers.

How Local SEO can help your business?

Local SEO helps businesses every single day gain new customers once a customer feels comfortable with the product or service and sees how other people of enjoyed the product or service they are more reluctant to buy as well. Provide a service sell a product get a review; it’s just that easy. If you have a terrible review respond to it try to solve the problem with the customer. No one will ever have everybody happy, but you can keep customers happy and future customers happy by responding to the negative reviews showing them that you care and you want to solve the problem. If someone leaves you a bad review and you don’t answer it tells all the customers that’s the experience they’re going to get. 

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What are the top Local SEO Directories?

So many directories which one should I use so many places to post my business how do I post the correct information what’s the right way to display my company online. These are the questions, and most people have. By now I’m sure you’ve found google my business being for businesses and yahoo business directories, but some of the other popular ones are yelp maps Google maps MapQuest and other service providers. All in all, there are thousands of lists but the main director is that you want to be on there’s about 50 and then there’s a tone of aggregators to get the results from those directories, and you’ll land on those as well once you get your business listed on the main directories.

Why you should hire CDG?

We partner with all major search engine directories. We can update all directories with one time with a single click of a button, this can take your take your staff several weeks to update, but with us it takes minutes. We can insert promotions, monthly specials, hot sales items or any other services on a monthly basis. Creative Digital Group creates the leverage you need to drive traffic to your site.

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What are Citations

A citation is a rating provided by local directories; they rank you based off of how many lists have the same information as your website. If your site and your citations all have the same information for citation ranking will be higher and citation take several things into effect reviews ratings and content delivering the same message.

Why do reviews matter

The world is changing; everybody wants to see how good a product is; they want to look up how many people have enjoyed their product; how good it is and how well the service was. These things are called reviews. When you are thinking about buying your next bike, you’re going to look up the ratings of the bike, see what other people thought about the bike, did they like it, is it a good product, does it break – these are all things that you learn about inside the reviews. This is why reviews have become so crucial to the search engines.

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