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Press releases allow you to write a single article and get it distributed to thousands of news networks.

Press Release Marketing

A well-written press release can do more to garner rapid and massive exposure for your business than just about any other marketing tool. In order to accomplish this, it needs to be written by professionals that know the key facets of online marketing. The content needs to contain the proper keywords to maximize SEO, and it needs to be presented in such a manner that it generates more inbound links. Hiring Creative Digital Group to create your press releases will deliver results by guaranteeing the following.

A successful PR campaign plays a pivotal role in establishing your company’s brand. We will create and present the image you want to represent your business.

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Understanding Press Releases

Online Branding

We will increase your online visibility by making sure your press releases get published on reputable and popular sites users actually visit frequently to access news and information. Not only will we publish it on these sites, we will keep it on the top of these sites for a duration, ensuring maximum viewing potential by prospective customers. This will engage more users and attract them to your site.

News Distribution

In selecting a product or service over another, most users go with the brand they know, the brand they trust. You need to convince the consumer that your company is, indeed, that brand, and you can do so with a great PR campaign. Press releases need to tell your story by selling your story so the consumer will trust your story. The customer need to have faith that doing business with your company will be a pleasant and rewarding experience. When you hire Creative Digital Group for PR marketing, we will display your brand across reputable sites, thus bolstering trust in your company and more business transactions.

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Access will increase with well-written PR optimized for attracting more users to your website. Everyone loves a winner, and the more users that come to your site, the more likely others are to follow. Do not delay, and consult us now to launch a PR campaign custom- tailored to drive traffic to your website.

News Links to your site

Good press releases on good PR sites will help develop good inbound links. When you hire Creative Digital Group to write your PR, you can count on us to embed links in the copy that will guide users to your website. Over time, your quality reputation will improve and search engine rankings will rise as a result, thus generating more traffic and higher online performance for your business.

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Let us Tell Your Story

Let us tell your story to the world by thoroughly researching your history and industry when creating your press releases.

We Get the job done

Our writers work can be found on some of the most recognizable websites online today. Have confidence that your message will be accurately told across the internet.

Creative Digital Group will work harder and smarter to build your brand and broadcast your image- it is how we earned our reputation as the best internet marketing firm for nearly two decades.

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The Press Release Process

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Write Up

We take the articles you provide and have our press release team put the content into press release form.

News List Selection

Press Releases only work if you find distributors willing to run with the story. We work to discover the correct list to work with and get the article ready for their liking.

Schedule Release

Once we have the distribution list and article ready to go we schedule the press release for the best date.


on Publishing day we work with news agencies to keep the articles working through all media channels.

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