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You want to be on top of the search engines, and we want to put you there. Creative Digital Group is the company with the most experience in delivering top rankings via Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Attract clients and drown the competition by hiring us for your SEO services.

Everyone wants to maintain relevance and hold the competitive edge, this requires a lot of time and energy spent on SEO. No matter what business you are in, Search Engine Optimization is the most effective and efficient way to draw traffic to your site. Over the past twenty years, Creative Digital Group has been creating websites and developing online brand images for some of the most recognizable and prestigious companies in the world. We have been at the pinnacle of website marketing since the beginning. Let us help you achieve your internet marketing goals by providing you with the following services.

Get Your Free SEO Rankings Report

Get Your Free SEO Rankings Report


What is SEO Marketing

SEO is also known as search engine optimization is The technique of ranking your website on the search engines organically. Search engine marketing is not easy. Most businesses hire an agency for all of their SEO Needs. Search engines change their algorithms every couple months sometimes several times a month, this makes it rather hard for a business owner to do SEO on their own. There’s an old saying most people use in relationships, but I think it was meant for SEO. The phrase is “ I never said it was going to be easy; I just said it would be worth it.” You see proper SEO can generate business every day without you investing more money in pay per click campaigns.

How Does SEO Marketing Work?

SEO is all about search engines and how they rank companies and list companies in order of what they deem relevant. Over the years search engines like Google and Bing have fought a race to win customers over by getting them to use their search engine for their default search results. The search engine must crawl your website. After they crawl your website, they throw your content into the program and scan it for relevance. Then they look for external resources referring back to your website and why they are referring back to your site. If the content and the links back to your website are all delivering the same message, you will get ranked by that search engine. Gone are the days where companies can Keep stuffing keywords In their website and having all their backlinks be the same keyword. This Practice is now a harmful search engine optimization practice. The search engines for this very reason update their algorithms monthly and quarterly to keep companies honest. There are several factors that go into this such as social media integration, local directories, videos, images, etc. How they are named, how the referenced, where they are used and how they format all play a part as well in your search engine ranking.

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How SEO Marketing can help your business

SEO can help any business, and every company should be doing it. If you manage a good SEO campaign, it will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars that you will not have to spend on pay per click, social media ads, and commercials. Now don’t get me wrong, you still need multiple marketing resources. You will not have to spend as much as you would if you have organic traffic turning into leads which then turned into customers who turn into buyers. It does not matter if you sell a product or provide a service search engine optimization is vital for every business.

Why You Should Hire Us

So if you have read everything on this page by now, you know that it takes work to your website every single day and backlink campaigns from all over the web back to your site to run a good SEO campaign. If you are spending your time every day doing this yourself, then your business is failing because you are taking away from running your business trying to manage your SEO. It takes constant changes multiple links and updates every single day to climb your way to the top of the search engines. 95% of companies out there offering SEO do not provide search engine optimization services. Only 5% of companies in website marketing Truly understand search engine optimization. The other companies are all outdated and or have stopped following search engine algorithm updates. They instead will sell you Google AdWords and tell you they also are providing you SEO services, but they never will.

SEO Marketing Drives Organic Leads

Leads generated organically from your website through search engines have the highest conversion rate out of any lead source in any industry. A lead from SEO Will convert at 15% to 20% While other sources may only convert at 5%. Moreover, organic lead is a lead only your company receives. It is not an aggregated lead that multiple companies purchased, and it is not a pay per click lead that probably filled out 10 to 15 forms on multiple sites. Moreover, organic lead is someone who found you liked what you had to offer and requested your services. If you have a good sales team and provide good customer service, you will get the conversions.

Backlinks are still important to SEO Marketing

Backlinks are the search engines relevancy meter. When a company partners with another company and links back to their website google then scans that website see what it is about and to see if it is delivering the same content and messages that your sites are providing. If the sites positively complement each other, that is called a positive backlink. If the site is providing backlinks to anybody and everybody and does not match your industry, that backlink is called a harmful backlink. SEO experts search for sites to deliver content-rich backlinks that help your company climb.

Integrating Social with SEO Marketing

People use social media sites just as often as they search engines. So search engines have integrated the social media component into the ranking factors. They now scan your website looking for links to all of your social media pages related to your business. Then they look to see that you are referring back to your site, and how your customers engage with your post. If your post is related to the keywords that you are trying to market to them at the content on your website, then your social posts are working. If they are not, you just might be making your job a little bit harder.

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